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About Us

Our Aim

We are inspired by nature, children and their imaginations. We believe that happy children are receptive learners who learn through play, curiosity and quality interactions with peers and staff. We offer an enabling, nurturing and stimulating environment supported by a dedicated and experienced team. Our ethos is a child centred approach which offers a wide range of experiences through awe, wonder and fun.

We believe that the aim of Nursery Education is to encourage children to develop into motivated learners and thinkers.

The staff at The Granary Nursery School aim to provide a high standard of nursery education, giving all children access to a wide and varied curriculum.

Our knowledge and experience lead us to provide a child led curriculum supported by adult interventions to scaffold and extend learning. . We have adopted ideas from Anna Ephgrave’s philosophy on ‘In the moment planning’ which has guided us to focus on key areas:

1. Our team of professional staff work hard to foster and strengthen relationships between keyworkers and families and children and between peers. There is great value placed on these relationships and we always keen to build and develop our parent partnerships

2. We recognise that all children are individuals.

3. Children need to be motivated and interested to learn.

4. That the learning environment must be safe, warm, caring and friendly; politeness and thought for others are to be encouraged and we are mindful of the Prevent Duty and that British Values are embedded in our day to day practice.

5. That we manage effective communicating and staff use skills and knowledge to support and develop language acquisition, literacy and maths skills.

6. We encourage and foster independence and social skills in preparation for transition to school.