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Admissions to The Granary

The Granary Nursery School is inclusive and is organised to meet the needs of children aged two to school age. Gender, Special Educational Needs, disabilities, background, religion or ethnicity have no bearing on whether a place is offered. (Additional staffing or training will be considered if necessary to accommodate a particular child).

The waiting list will be kept and used on a ‘first come first served’ basis. The Nursery will advise the parent/carer of how long they are likely to have to wait before a suitable place becomes available. This information will only be an estimate and will not constitute a binding guarantee from the setting. When a vacancy becomes available, the Manager will contact the parent/carer whose child is suitable for the place and is highest up on the waiting list. If that parent/carer still wishes to take up the place for their child, they will be asked to complete the admissions procedure outlined above. If the parent/carer concerned no longer wishes to take up a place, the parent/carer of the next suitable child on the list will be contacted.

Entry to Caterpillar Class will be offered to children who are 2 years of age upon admission or older.

In Butterfly Class, priority for extra sessions will be given to children who are already attending the Nursery - providing requests are received half a term in advance, and nearest to school age. Children joining Class 2 from other settings will be offered as many sessions as are available, but again priority will be given to children wishing to attend more than one session.

We offer government funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Please see the website for further information and details of eligibility for 2 year old funding, or enquire within the Nursery.